Hey... we´re Holly and Emi

Meeting each other working as a professional slackliner (Emi), and a sports specialist (Holly), on the worlds biggest cruise ships (Royal Caribbean), we couldn't have found more of a perfect match for each other, making one another so incredibly happy... Now with the aim to make others as happy as we are.

 We are both currently working as content creators, entertainers, full-time travellers, blog writers, photographers, models, videographers, editors, coaches and more... You name it. 

Our philosophy on this beautiful planet is to enjoy, learn and live every second we have. Taking every opportunity we can and making people smile along the way.   

Our current adventure is taking place in Bali, Indonesia... See what we get up too for the next 6 months on this tropical paradise we now call our temporary home. And if you want to chat, collaborate or more we are totally open to talk about anything!

Just send us a message.

See you around,

Emi and Holly x 



22, Brittish

Hello, you beautiful people reading this! If we didn't know... My names Holly May half of Emi and Holly. 

I am 22 years old, originally from Cheshire, England however I never find myself there. 

I have a crazy amount of experience within different fields of work and working with a LOT of different people, including customer service, sport, tourism, hospitality, bartending, restaurants and more... But my most recent work involved me being a Sports Specialist for Royal Carribean, working as a surf instructor, rock wall, zipline and multiple sport and dance specialist. This was something which turned out to be an incredible part of my life, and I can't wait to talk about the real-life of living at sea. If something feels right for me, I go for it. Which is how Bali came along for me and Emi. But we will explain how everything happened in one of our videos! 

Doing what I feel is right and ACTUALLY DOING IT is what I do, and it is how I've ended up, how I am, and where I am. And I'm very, very happy.


I would like to think of myself as the type of girl who´s soul purpose which I strongly believe is to make people happy. To do this for a living, through multiple jobs, experiences and challenges I face is what I do best.

I actually quote one of my old managers saying ´Why do you smile all the time, that's not normal´ and even though that was made as an insult, it turned out to be one of the best compliments I've ever received. 

If I could give one piece of advice to anybody reading this, it's actually really simple;

Stop dreaming about other peoples lives.

Stop saying ´I wish´ and just do it.

Trust me when I say ANYTHING is possible.

The only thing stopping you from being who you want to be, being where you want to be and living the life you want to live is YOU.

If you made it this far down my page well done! Because I know... I can talk. hahaha, enjoy our adventures and please if you have any questions, send us a message!

See you around!

Holly x 



27, Argentinian

Hola my name is Emiliano Gimenez and I am originally from Mendoza, Argentina. I am a professional Slackliner, competing at the highest levels, and now performing in some of the biggest shows in the world. Oh, and a full-time learner, teacher, traveller and adrenaline junkie. 

 I speak 4 languages and currently learning 3 more... Having the opportunity to travel around the world, exploring, creating, performing and always learning has gained me something which money could never buy, and now it is something I would love to share, always improve, and teach to the people who want to see the world through the eyes in which I see this beautiful planet we call home. 

Having the opportunity to travel the world since a young age, it has led me to meet the most incredible people, being able to learn, laugh and make lifelong friends, resulting in me having the itchiest of feet to travel and meet even more people.

Learning is my main goal in this life. To learn, to live, to love and to laugh. 

Over the years travelling and the incredible experiences of working for the highest-ranked shows, and winning the biggest completions in the world within my industry, I have had the chance to pick up photography and videography as a hobby, just from taking pictures on my phone, to now owning the newest equipment and software, creating short movies, photography and discovering not just a new hobby, but a passion. 

Being able to use my photography and videography skills I love to link different passions together. Showing how not matter how different people are, their sports are, their looks, and lives are, everything is connected.

I would say my philosophy changes, all the time. But the way I think and live my life is always the same. I live for the present. I never look back, and do what I know feels right. Every day is new, every experience is new, and the only way in now and you should always look towards the future because it is so exciting and bright. 

If I could give one piece of advice to people reading this, it would be to relax. Everything will come, just live every day with a positive mind and when the times right, it'll come.

See you around,


Emi xo



27, Argentinian

Hola, mi nombre es Emiliano Giménez, soy de Mendoza Argentina, profesional de Slackline, he compito a nivel mundial por muchos años y ahora actúo en algunos de los espectáculos más grandes del mundo. Ah, y aprendiz a tiempo completo, profesor, viajero y adicto a la adrenalina.

Hablo 4 idiomas y actualmente estoy aprendiendo 3 más ... Tener la oportunidad de viajar por el mundo, explorar y crear, es algo que el dinero nunca podra comprar, 

Tener la oportunidad de viajar por el mundo desde muy joven, me ha llevado a conocer a las personas más increíbles,

El aprendizaje es mi objetivo principal en esta vida. Aprender, vivir, amar y reír.

A lo largo de los años he tenido la oportunidad de elegir la fotografía y la videografía como un pasatiempo, desde sacar fotos con el teléfono, hasta los equipo y el software más nuevos

Al poder usar mis habilidades de fotografia y videografía, me encanta vincular diferentes pasiones. Mostrando cómo no importa cuán diferentes son las personas, los deportes, al final todo está conectado.

Yo diría que mi filosofía cambia todo el tiempo. Pero la forma en que pienso y vivo mi vida es siempre la misma. Vivo para el presente. Nunca miro hacia atrás y hago lo que sé que se siente bien. Cada día es nuevo, cada experiencia es nueva.

Si pudiera dar un consejo a las personas que leen esto sería: hazte amigo del tiempo. Todo vendrá, solo vive cada día con una mente positiva y todo lo que sueñas llegará.

Nos vemos,

buena vida,

Emi xo


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